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Attorneys & Trustees

With over 80 years of experience you can count on Alex Cooper's real estate expertise in the sale of court ordered and foreclosure sales.  Many of Maryland's and Washington, DC's most prominent law firms rely on us daily to maximize the value of their deeds of trust and real estate assets.  Take a look below at just a few examples of successful sales we have conducted.


PRICE: $425,000 

DESCRIPTION:  Property consisted of four 12 unit apartment buildings. Two of the four buildings were noticeably better condition than the others. The auction generated a crowd of roughly 20 people. Since the foreclosure sale was held at the property, we strongly recommended to our client to have the buildings open 1 hour prior to the sale in order to allow potential buyers the ability to view each unit. This helped generate the bidding activity received. The buildings were offered individually and as an entirety. ACA determined that three of the registered bidders were each interested in different buildings. We recommended to our client to take a brief pause and allow reps from ACA to discuss values with each individual bidder. At this time, ACA was able to negotiate on behalf of our client a value that worked for both the bidder and client. Ultimately, ACA was able to sell each of the four buildings to three separate third party buyers. 

7 Unit Building in Bolton Hill

206 Laurens Street, Baltimore, MD 21217

PRICE: $390,000

DESCRIPTION: Property consisted of a 3-story, 7 unit apartment building constructed in the 1890’s and renovated in approx. 2000. The building comprised of four 2-bedroom units, two 1-bedroom units and 1 studio unit. With no access to the property before the auction and very little due-diligence, we were able to generate a crowd of roughly 40 people at the auction. 

Totten Station Apartments - Washington, DC

PRICE: $55,000,000

DESCRIPTION:  The sale consisted of a leasehold estate in approx. 6.79 acre site containing a 308 unit apartment complex in Washington, DC.  Without a due-diligence package of any kind to offer potential buyers,  we were able to conduct a very successful third party sale for $55,000,000.  The auction was held in our DC auction gallery at 5301 Wisconsin Avenue, NW.

13 Unit Multi Family Building & 27 Garage Units

300-306 E. 32nd Street

PRICE: $900,000 

DESCRIPTION: Property was improved by a 13 unit multi-family property containing 27 garage units. We recommended to our client to advertise the sale in the Daily Record, Baltimore Sunpapers and the Wall Street Journal as well as a detailed webpage on our website. Without the ability to provide rent rolls or other pertinent financial information to prospects, we were able to procure a crowd of roughly 20 people at the auction.