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Substitute Trustees’ Sale: Two Story Detached Home with 2,420 +/- SF on a 0.41+/- Acre Lot in "Ellicott City"

7811 Fieldstone Court, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Location: To be held at The Thomas Dorsey Building, 9250 Bendix Road, Columbia, Maryland 21045

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION (the “Property”): All that lot of ground situate in Howard County, Maryland, together with any and all improvements thereon, and being more particularly described as follows:

BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED as Lot No. 12, as shown on Plat entitled, Rockburn Township, Section 1, Area 1, Lots 1 thru 102, sheet 4 of 10, which Plat is recorded among the Land Records of Howard County, Maryland at Plat No. 8072.  The improvements thereon being known as 7811 Fieldstone Court.

Together with any and all buildings and improvements thereon, hereinafter referred to as the "Property."

CONDITIONS OF SALE:  The Property will be sold in an "AS IS/WHERE IS" condition without any representations or warranties of any nature whatsoever.  Neither the Substitute Trustees nor the Lender make any representation or warranty with respect to: (1) the existence, validity, scope, or nature of any zoning, land use, development, site plans, occupancy or other governmental permits or approvals with respect to the Property; (2) fitness for any particular purpose or use, including the structural integrity of any improvements on the Property; (3) flood zone designations of the Property; (4) compliance of the Property with any zoning or building laws, regulations and ordinances; (5) ingress, egress or access to the Property or any portion thereof; (6) the rights of any parties in possession, or the existence, validity, terms or conditions of any lease of all or any portion of the Property; (7) the existence of any security deposits or rental payments;  (8) compliance of the Property with the Americans with Disabilities Act; or (9) the condition of the Property, of any nature whatsoever, including environmental contamination.

Neither the Substitute Trustees nor the Lender shall have any obligation to obtain possession of the Property. It shall be the purchaser's obligation, at the purchaser's sole cost, to obtain possession of the Property.

RISK OF LOSS SHALL PASS TO THE PURCHASER IMMEDIATELY AND AUTOMATICALLY AT THE TIME OF SALE.  Neither the Substitute Trustees nor the Lender shall have any obligation to obtain or maintain any insurance coverage with respect to the Property.

The Property shall be sold subject to: (1) the Internal Revenue Service's statutory 120-day right of redemption; (2) any easements,  restrictions, declarations, site plans, and restrictive covenants of record affecting the same; (3) any and all disclosures and conditions on any plats of record affecting all or any portion of the Property; (4) any encroachments, overlaps, boundary line disputes and other matters which could be disclosed by an accurate survey of the Property; (5) any matters which would be disclosed by a physical inspection of the Property; (6) any and all environmental conditions, problems and/or violations, if any, that may exist on, affect or relate to the Property, including, without limitation, housing code violations, the existence of any lead paint, asbestos or radon or any other hazardous or toxic substances; (7) that certain Purchase Money Deed of Trust dated December 17, 1993 from John J. Hildreth and M. Noelle Hildreth for the benefit of NationsBanc Mortgage Corporation, which Deed of Trust is recorded among the Land Records of Howard County, Maryland in Liber 3100, folio 234; (8) Maryland State Tax Lien No. 13-C-55-039218 dated February 2, 2001; (9) Maryland State Tax Lien No. 13-C-55-040323 dated September 28, 2001; and (10) Federal Tax Lien No. 16082 dated March 17, 2005.

For estimated balance information with respect to the obligations referred to in items (7) through (10) above, please contact Patricia Jefferson at 410-385-3406.

WAIVERS: The purchaser waives and releases the Substitute Trustees and the Lender and each of their respective agents, successors and assigns from any and all claims the purchaser and/or its successors and assigns may now have or may have in the future relating to: (1) any condition, problem or violation affecting the Property; (2) any existing or future building or zoning code problems or violations, and (3) the accuracy or validity of any information described herein. Purchaser has not relied on anything in the foreclosure advertisement but rather has relied solely on such investigations, examinations or inspections of the Property as the purchaser has made.

IMPROVEMENTS: The Property is believed to be improved by a two story home of approximately 2,420 square feet± above ground, situate on approximately 17,926 square feet of land±. The home is believed to contain an attached garage.

Summary terms of sale: This advertisement, as amended by any oral announcements during the conduct of the sale, constitutes the Substitute Trustees’ entire terms upon which the Property shall be offered for sale, sold or purchased.  The Substitute Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the Property or release it from the Deed of Trust, in whole or in part, at any time before sale.  If the Substitute Trustees determine that the final bid is not commensurate with the value of the Property, they may reject the bid and withdraw the Property from sale.  If any dispute arises among the bidders, the Substitute Trustees shall have the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to reoffer and resell the Property.  A cash deposit or certified check made payable to the Substitute Trustees in the amount of $40,000 will be required of the purchaser at the time and place of sale.  The purchaser is required to increase its deposit to 10% of the bid price within five (5) business days of the sale.  All cash deposits or certified checks shall be delivered to the Substitute Trustees c/o Miles & Stockbridge P.C., 100 Light Street, 10th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. All deposits shall be held by the Substitute Trustees in a non-interest bearing escrow account to be applied to the purchase price at the time of settlement.  The Lender, or its nominee, if the successful bidder, shall not be required to post a deposit.  The balance of such purchase price, together with interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum on the unpaid purchase money from the date of sale to date of settlement (as hereinafter specified) must be paid on the date of settlement.

All taxes (except outstanding real property taxes, which shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser) and assessments, including, but not limited to, rents, ground rents, public charges, sewer charges, water rents, assessments, utilities or similar items, if any, payable on an annual or any other basis shall be adjusted as of the date of the foreclosure sale and thereafter assumed and paid by the purchaser at settlement.  The purchaser shall pay all expenses and costs required for or incident to its settlement, including, without limitation, all state and local transfer taxes, documentary taxes, agricultural taxes, recording taxes and fees, title examination costs, title insurance premiums, and attorneys' fees.

The purchaser shall settle and comply with the sale terms within ten (10) days after the Internal Revenue Service’s 120-day right of redemption period passes or within ten (10) days of the waiver of the Internal Revenue Service’s 120-day right of redemption and the Circuit Court for Howard County, Maryland finally ratifies the sale, unless said period is extended by the Substitute Trustees, their successors or assigns, for good cause shown.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

If the purchaser defaults, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies available to them, the Substitute Trustees may declare the entire deposit forfeited and resell the Property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser.  The purchaser shall not be entitled to any surplus proceeds or profit resulting from any resale of all or any portion of the Property.

Neither the Substitute Trustees, the Auctioneer, nor the Lender are liable for any matter relating to the sale or to the Property, except that if title to the Property cannot be transferred in accordance with the terms hereof for any reason, such liability is limited solely to the return of the purchaser's deposit.  There shall be no other rights or remedies against the Substitute Trustees, the Auctioneer and/or the Lender, either in law or equity.

NOTE: The material contained herein describing the Property has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable; however, no express or implied warranty is made as to the accuracy of any description.  All dimensions or areas referred to herein are approximate.

For further information regarding the sale and the Property, please contact the offices or visit the website of the Auctioneer.

Click Here For The Full Sale Terms In PDF Format

Paul Cooper Auction Agent
The information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed reliable, but is offered for informational purposes only. The Auctioneer, the Sellers, and their respective agents and representatives do not make any representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy of the information contained herein. Prospective purchasers are urged to make their own inspection.