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Substitute Trustees’ Sale: 2-Story Home in "Woodlawn"

6414 Dogwood Rd., Baltimore, MD 21207

Location: On the Premises

Sale to be held on the premises

ALL THAT FEE-SIMPLE LOT OF GROUND AND THE IMPROVEMENTS THEREON situated in Baltimore County, MD, Tax ID Number 02-1800013706, and more fully described as follows:

BEGINNING FOR THE SAME on the Northeast side of Dogwood Road at a point distant North 63 degrees 10 minutes West 301 feet 8 inches from the intersection of the southwest side of Gwynn Oak Avenue and the Northeast side of Dogwood Road thence on the Northeast side of Dogwood Road North 63 Degrees 10 minutes west 133 feet 4 inches thence parallel with Gwynn Oak Avenue north 26 degrees 55 minutes east 164.31 feet thence parallel with Dogwood Road South 62 Degrees 10 minutes East 133 feet 4 inches and thence parallel with Gwynn Oak Avenue south 26 degrees 55 minutes West 162.61 feet more or less to the place of beginning. Being compromising Lots 214, 215, and 33 feet 4 inches of the West portion of Lot No. 216 as shown and designate on the Plat of Broadacres recorded among the Plat Records of Baltimore County in Plat Book WPC No. 5, folio 44.

SAVING AND EXCEPTING THE FOLLOWING: Beginning for the same on the northeast side of Dogwood Road at a point distant south 63 degrees 10 minutes east 220.57 feet more or less from the intersection of the southeast side of Englewood Avenue and the northeast side of Dogwood Road, said point of beginning being intended to be southwest corner of Lot No. 214 on the Plat of Broadacres, recorded among the Plat records of Baltimore County in Plat Book WPC 5, folio 44, thence on the northeast side of Dogwood Road, south 63 degrees 10 minutes east 66 feet 8 inches thence parallel with Gwynn Oak Avenue, North 26 degrees, 55 minutes east 164 feet more or less to intersect the third line of the deed from Alfred T. and Paula Allen to Karl George Graf and Emma Margaret Elgert dated November 9, 1946 and recorded among the Land Records of Baltimore County in Liber RJS 1529, folio 59, thence reversing said line and binding thereon north 62 degrees 10 minutes west 66 feet 8 inches more or less to the end of the second line of said deed, thence reversing said last mentioned line and binding thereon south 26 degrees 55 minutes west 164.31 feet to the beginning.

Being and comprising Lot No. 214, and the west 16 feet 8 inches of lot No. 215 as shown and designated in the aforesaid Plat.

The improvements thereon being known as 6414 Dogwood Road, Gwynn Oak. MD 21207.

TOGETHER WITH all the improvements, now or hereafter erected on the property, and all easements, appurtenances, replacements and additions, and fixtures now or hereafter a part of the property, and all other rights as granted in the Deed of Trust. All of the above is hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Property.” 

The Property will be sold in “AS IS, WHERE IS” conditions without either express or implied warranty or representation, including but not limited to the description, fitness for a particular purpose or use, structural integrity, physical condition, construction, extent of construction, workmanship, materials, liability, zoning, subdivision, environmental condition, merchantability, compliance with building or housing codes or other laws, ordinances or regulations, or other similar matters, and subject to easements, agreements and restrictions of record which affect the same, if any.

Summary terms of sale: This advertisement, as amended or supplemented by any oral announcements during the conduct of the sale, constitutes the entire terms upon which the Property shall be offered for sale, sold or purchased.  A deposit of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00) for the Property, payable in cash, or by certified check or a cashier’s check, will be required from purchaser at time of sale.  The deposit(s) must be increased to 10% of the purchase price within 2 business days after the sale at the office of the auctioneer. The balance of purchase price due in cash, certified or cashier’s check within fifteen (15) days following final ratification of sale by the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, Maryland, unless said period is extended by the Substitute Trustees, at their discretion, interest to be paid at the rate of 6.5% per annum on unpaid purchase money from date of sale to date of settlement. The beneficiary under the Deed of Trust (the “Secured Party”) or its designee, if a bidder, shall not be required to post a deposit.  The purchaser (other than the Secured Party) shall be required to sign a contract including this ad and other terms.  Time is of the essence.  The purchaser will be required to complete settlement of the purchase within Fifteen (15) DAYS of the ratification of the sale by the Court.  All public charges or assessments, including water/sewer charges, ground rent, condo/HOA dues whether incurred prior to or after sale, shall be the responsibility of the purchaser(s) and shall be paid by the purchaser at settlement. Real or personal property taxes, if any, to be adjusted to date of sale.  Cost of all documentary stamps and transfer taxes and all other costs incident to the settlement shall be borne by the purchaser. 

The Substitute Trustees reserve the right to require registration and/or pre-qualification of bidders, to modify or waive the requirements of bidders’ deposits, to approve the creditworthiness of any bidder and final purchaser, to withdraw the Property, or any portion thereof, from sale prior to acceptance of a final bid, to cancel the sale, to use an agent or attorney to conduct the sale, to reject any and all bids or to postpone the sale and keep the bidding open for any length of time, to conduct other sales as the Substitute Trustees may determine in their discretion, and to sell the Property in one or more sections.

If the purchaser defaults, the Substitute Trustees may, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies available to them, declare the entire deposit forfeited, and, in addition, may resell the Property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser.  In such event, the defaulting purchaser shall be liable for the payment of any deficiency in the purchase price, all costs and expenses of both sales, attorneys’ fees and all other charges incurred by the Substitute Trustees.  If the Substitute Trustees are unable to convey insurable title or a resale is to take place for any reason, the purchaser’s sole remedy in law or equity shall be limited to the refund of the aforementioned deposit. Upon refund of the deposit, this sale shall be void and of no effect, and the purchaser shall have no further claim against the Substitute Trustees.  An action by any of the Substitute Trustees shall be deemed the action of all Substitute Trustees.

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Paul Cooper Auction Agent
The information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed reliable, but is offered for informational purposes only. The Auctioneer, the Sellers, and their respective agents and representatives do not make any representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy of the information contained herein. Prospective purchasers are urged to make their own inspection.