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Sell How Does Alex Cooper Work with Agents?

Real estate agents, discover new opportunities with the Alex Cooper Bidding Platform!

For buyers’ agents, many of our auctions offer broker cooperation. It is important to have both you and your client sign and return the form prior to your client registering to bid. Once you familiarize yourself with the co-op terms, and complete the broker form, you can register your clients to bid, opening doors to a unique array of properties.

On the selling side, listing agents can capitalize on our platform to showcase properties in a dynamic auction format. Rest assured, your customer relationships and commission agreements remain secure. Working together, the Alex Cooper team will co-market your property, enhancing visibility and reach. This collaborative approach ensures that both buying and selling agents can maximize the benefits of the auction process.

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Converting Your Listing How To Use An Auction To Sell Your Listing

For co-op listing agents, Alex Cooper’s auction platform is a powerful sales tool. Any type of property can benefit from an auction with our team, including new construction, finely maintained homes, and those in need of updating and renovations.

We work with agents as partners to sell multi-family, commercial, and residential properties, providing guidance and additional resources. As the co-op listing agent, you can be as involved or uninvolved in the auction process as you’d like. And because Alex Cooper is paid through our buyer’s premium, your listing agreement with your client remains intact.

Here are a few of the ways we can help you sell properties faster and save time: 

  • Powerful bidding platform. Over 48,000 registered bidders, and growing daily, and a quarter million unique visitors annually engage actively with our listings, showcasing unparalleled market reach and engagement in the states that we service.
  • Predictable sales window. You and your clients choose the date and time of the auction with required guidelines for closing, and no contingencies on financing, inspection, or appraisal.
  • Share the work, but not the profit. The team at Alex Cooper can handle purchase agreements, marketing, photos, closing, and more, without cutting into your profit.
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Sell at Auction Why You Should Convert Your Listing to An Auction

Using the Alex Cooper auction platform to sell a property can be very advantageous for the property owner. Unlike traditional brokerage purchase agreements for real estate, our auction Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) is written to give preference to the seller, giving your client distinct advantages.

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Advantages of the Auction Purchase and Sale Agreement

Our auction Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) gives the seller distinct advantages, such as:

  • On many auctions, there is a Buyers Premium. The contract price is the winning bid plus the buyers premium.
  • The Buyer pays 100% of transfer and recordation taxes.
  • The property sells as is, where is.
  • There are no contingencies on property inspection results, appraisals, or financing.
  • Buyer pays an earnest money deposit as high as 10% of the purchase price.
  • Sale terms for vacant properties require expenses, such as real estate taxes, to be adjusted to the sale date, rather than the settlement date.

Sell How Can I Convert My Listing To An Auction?

We protect our listing agent partner’s commissions. The seller pays you, the listing agent, per your current agreement. Alex Cooper is compensated via the buyer’s premium, which is added to the winning bid after the auction closes.  When working with Alex Cooper, agents typically make more commission than if they were doing a traditional listing alone.

See an overview of the process below. Contact us for more in-depth information about the process and how we can work together to sell your listing.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

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More FAQs
What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A buyer’s premium is how Alex Cooper receives their commission. For example, if the high bid is 500K and the buyer’s premium is 6% the contract price is 530K, which includes the buyer’s premium. The buyer’s premium for each auction is advertised in the terms of sale section on the property page.

Where is the actual real estate auction held?

Alex Cooper conducts three types of real estate auctions:

Simulcast, which offers online participation via the online bidding platform & on-premises, live on property.

On-Premises Only, which has no online and buyers must be in person with cashier check and photo ID to participate.

Timed Online-Only, which is an online only auction that is conducted through the Alex Cooper online bidding platform, typically opened for 5 days prior to the auction date. Each property has a three minute soft close in a Timed Online-Only auction. If a bid is received in the final 3 minutes of the auction the clock will reset to three minutes to give all bidders a chance to bid again.

What types of properties are sold at auction?

Alex Cooper sells residential, commercial, industrial, and development sites via auction.

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At Alex Cooper, we empower agents with valuable resources that they can use to wow clients, expand their business, and close listings faster. It’s our goal to make sure you retain your relationship with your client.

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