Buyers Buying Real Estate Online With Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper offers a variety of property offerings for both investors and homeowners. Our properties can be purchased through our online bidding platform and on-premises auctions.

Alex Cooper offers buyers the ability to purchase in the following formats:

  • Featured Auctions
  • Foreclosure Auctions
  • Buy Now Listings

Our online bidding platform was developed from the ground up to provide a seamless bidding experience across all your devices. On our bidding platform, you will find residential, luxury, investment, commercial, and industrial real estate opportunities. Our listings are located in Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and Florida.

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Create A Free Account Find Your Next Property

If you are new to the Alex Cooper bidding platform, your first step would be to create a free account. This will allow you to enter the documents sections on properties you are interested in to review diligence materials, as well as sign up for our weekly mailing list of upcoming auctions.

Buy at Auction Why Buy Property at Auction?

Buying real estate at auction offers unique advantages: competitive pricing, a transparent bidding process, rapid transactions, and the potential for exceptional value. Embrace the opportunity to secure property efficiently and with confidence in a dynamic, open-market environment. Discover your next real estate purchase on the Alex Cooper bidding platform.

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What To Know Before the Auction.

When participating in our online-only auctions, preparation is critical for bidding success. It is important you make informed decisions, stay within budget, and ultimately, secure the right property. Get ready to bid with confidence—your due diligence is key.

  • On most of our online auctions, there is a Buyers Premium. The contract price is the winning bid plus the buyers premium. 
  • The Buyer pays 100% of transfer and recordation taxes.
  • The property sells as is, where is.
  • There are no contingencies on property inspection results, appraisals, or financing.
  • Buyer pays an earnest money deposit as high as 10% of the purchase price.
  • Sale terms for vacant properties require expenses, such as real estate taxes, to be adjusted to the sale date, rather than the settlement date

Auction Types What Are the Different Types of Auctions?

Our platform presents a dynamic trio of auction types, each tailored to diverse buyer needs while consistently offering the unique benefits of auction purchases — speed, transparency, and value.

The Alex Cooper bidding platform offers three main types of auctions — Featured Auctions, Foreclosure Listings, and Buy Now Offerings.

As you navigate our platform, we emphasize the importance of reviewing each property’s unique terms of sale. Auctions invite the market to set property values, offering an expedient path to ownership. Embrace the auction experience for a straightforward, competitive, and potentially rewarding investment.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Explore the questions at right, or click More FAQs below to discover more answers. Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch today.

More FAQs
What is a Buyer’s Premium?

A buyer’s premium is how Alex Cooper receives their commission. For example, if the high bid is 500K and the buyer’s premium is 6% the contract price is 530K, which includes the buyer’s premium. The buyer’s premium for each auction is advertised in the terms of sale section on the property page.

Where is the actual real estate auction held?

Alex Cooper conducts three types of real estate auctions:

Simulcast, which offers online participation via the online bidding platform & on-premises, live on property.

On-Premises Only, which has no online and buyers must be in person with cashier check and photo ID to participate.

Timed Online-Only, which is an online only auction that is conducted through the Alex Cooper online bidding platform, typically opened for 5 days prior to the auction date. Each property has a three minute soft close in a Timed Online-Only auction. If a bid is received in the final 3 minutes of the auction the clock will reset to three minutes to give all bidders a chance to bid again.

What types of properties are sold at auction?

Alex Cooper sells residential, commercial, industrial, and development sites via auction.