Auction How To Bid On Online Real Estate Auctions

Real estate transactions have expanded beyond traditional methods, with online auctions like those offered by Alex Cooper Auctioneers gaining significant traction. With over 250,000 unique visitors annually engaging with their platform and a proven track record of selling 12,000+ properties since 2012, Alex Cooper’s online auction platform stands as a beacon of opportunity for both seasoned investors and homebuyers alike.


Be Prepared

Buying real estate at auction offers unique advantages. These advantages include competitive pricing, a transparent bidding process, rapid transactions, and the potential for exceptional value. Embracing the opportunity to secure property efficiently and with confidence in a dynamic, open-market environment is a key benefit of participating in auctions on the Alex Cooper platform.

Before engaging in auctions, it’s essential to be well-prepared and informed. This includes understanding the auction process, setting a realistic budget, and conducting thorough due diligence on properties of interest. Being prepared ensures that participants can make informed decisions, stay within budgetary constraints, and ultimately secure the right property for their needs.

It’s important to note some key aspects of participating in online auctions on the Alex Cooper platform:


Buyer’s Premium: Most online auctions include a buyer’s premium, which is added to the winning bid. Understanding this premium is essential for budgeting and determining the total cost of acquiring a property.

Transfer and Recordation Taxes: Buyers are responsible for paying 100% of transfer and recordation taxes associated with the property purchase.

Property Condition: Properties are typically sold “as is, where is,” meaning buyers should conduct thorough inspections and assessments before bidding. In some cases, the buyer may not have the opportunity to inspect the interior of the property due to it being tenant-occupied. Recent photos are typically provided to show the condition of the property. 

Contingencies: Unlike traditional real estate transactions, auctions often have no contingencies on property inspection results, appraisals, or financing. Buyers should be prepared to move forward with the purchase without these contingencies. The purchase agreement is available on the bidding platform and should be thoroughly reviewed for full terms.

Earnest Money Deposit: Within one business day of winning the auction, buyers are required to pay an earnest money deposit often as high as 10% of the purchase price. The deposit demonstrates serious intent to purchase the property.

Sale Terms for Vacant Properties: Expenses such as real estate taxes may need to be adjusted to the sale date, rather than the settlement date, for vacant properties. In some cases, the buyer will pay the seller ten percent interest per annum on the unpaid portion of the purchase price from the date of sale until the date of settlement. 


By understanding these key aspects and being well-prepared, participants can approach auctions on the Alex Cooper platform with confidence, ensuring a smooth and successful bidding experience. 


What Types Of Auctions Are Available?

The Alex Cooper bidding platform offers a diverse range of auction types, each tailored to meet different buyer needs while consistently providing the unique benefits associated with auction purchases — speed, transparency, and value. Here are the three main types of auctions offered:


Type 1: Featured Auctions

Our premium offering, Featured Auctions, showcases properties with a comprehensive suite of resources designed to empower buyers. These auctions present photos, detailed descriptions, and due diligence documents, ensuring that participants are more informed before entering the bidding process. Featured Auctions represent the pinnacle of preparedness, providing a straightforward and transparent path to property ownership.


Type 2: Foreclosure Listings

Targeted toward seasoned investors, Foreclosure Listings provide essential information such as property addresses and legal advertisements. These listings are streamlined to highlight the significant value opportunities often associated with foreclosure properties. Investors can access key details efficiently, enabling them to make informed decisions and capitalize on potential investment opportunities.


Type 3: Buy Now Offerings

For those preferring a direct buying approach, Buy Now Offerings echo traditional real estate listings by offering properties for immediate purchase at a set price. These listings are ideal for buyers seeking a seamless transaction experience, as properties are available post-auction at a predetermined price. Buy Now Offerings combine the convenience of conventional sales with the potential for auction-like value, making them an attractive option for a wide range of buyers.


As you navigate our platform, it’s essential to review each property’s unique terms of sale carefully. Auctions invite the market to set property values, offering an expedient path to ownership. Embracing the auction experience provides a straightforward, competitive, and potentially rewarding investment opportunity, regardless of the auction type chosen.



With a vast audience and a history of successful sales, Alex Cooper is a premier choice for both seasoned investors and first-time buyers. Prepare strategically, understand market trends, set realistic budgets, and grasp the unique advantages of auction purchases like competitive pricing and transparency. 


Explore our diverse auction types, from featured auctions to foreclosure listings and direct buy offerings, each offering distinct benefits. With thorough preparation and informed decisions, navigate the auction process confidently and unlock rewarding real estate investments on the Alex Cooper platform.